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September 2005

The Dah Theatre Research Centre

erformers Exchange Project was started by former Foolery members, and in conjunction with Live Arts hosted
Jadranka Andjelic and The Dah Theatre Research Centre from Belgrade Serbia, presenting their original performance Seekers and offering performer training workshops, lectures and discussions.

See the PEP website for more details.




Spring 2001- World-renowned theatre artist Maja Mitic of Dah Teatar

Maja Mitic has a degree from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts Departments for Actors University of Novi Sad/Yugoslavia. She has worked in several theater institutions and acted in films as well as on radio. She is a founding member of Dah Teatar in Belgrade, the first theater laboratory in Yugoslavia. She works at the drama studio for young people in the Dah Theater Research Center as a teacher, and leads voice and movement workshops for actors and dancers.
She came to us to conduct a 3-day intensive workshop for 8 members of Foolery and 6 other artists from the community. In conjunction, Foolery sponsored a well-attended public performance and lecture/demonstration of the work of Maja Mitic and Dah Teatar. 



MARIANA SADOWSKA- Ancient Songs From Ukraine

"Sometimes a musician has such an inborn desire to communicate that her message naturally becomes universal...the responsibilities, protocol and tradition of whatever style she is working in just vanish; she replaces them with pure vitality. Such is the case with the Ukrainian singer Marjana Sadovska·" --The New York Times

October 2001---Foolery hosted internationally acclaimed performer Mariana Sadowska, formerly of the Gardzienice Center of Theater Practice in Poland. "Gardzienice [is] one of Poland's-and the world's-premiere experimental theatre companies...[they] constitute the very heart and essence of Polish experimental and anthropological performance."*

Ms Sadowska is from Lviv in Western Ukraine, and has spent 10 years traveling through the villages of Ukraine collecting folksongs and rituals. This is not the state-sanctioned face of rural Ukraine, but the long-buried (and quickly disappearing) heritage of an incredibly complex culture.

Ms Sadowska enchanted audiences at Fool Hall (the former Papercraft building) with her performance, Enchantment Songs: Ancient Songs from Ukraine.

*-Richard Schechner, Editor - The Drama Review; Prof. of Performance Studies - Tisch School for the Arts, NYU

Photos by Will Kerner



June 8-11, 2002


This company proposes
that "coordination, rhythm, precision and physical consciousness are key elements in the actor's training. Through physical exercises, simple Kung Fu forms, vocal work with and without text, and rhythmical exploration between voice and body, the actor can create and make use of tools that will enable him/her to create a daily work that broadens his base for meeting the acting situation, whether improvisational, traditional or experimental."


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