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An original adaptation of the Russian folk tale
Conceived by Kara McLane, Jennifer Hoyt & Josie Baucom
with Musical Score by Darren Hoyt

First performed at
Fool Hall in Charlottesville VA
January 25- February 16, 2002

Restaged for
The Commonwealth Performance Festival
Blackfriars Theatre in Staunton, VA
August 17-22, 2002

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Performers...Jennifer Hoyt & Josie Baucon
Director...Kara McLane
Technical Director...Roger Prine
Costume Design ...Laura Covert
Lighting Design ...Mark Schuyler
Sound Design...Will Kerner & Darren Hoyt
Set Design...Howard Connelly & Gate Pratt
Prop Design...Zap McConnell & Josie Baucom

  Producer... Cate Andrews
Stage Manager...Jess Baucom
Poster/Graphic Design ...Catherine Dee
Business Manager...Jude Silveira
House Manager...Laura Covert
Publicity... Cate Andrews
Technical Advisor...Thadd McQuade
Photography...Will May, Will Kerner & K McLane


Running Crew...

Kathy Hannigan
Jess Baucom
Thadd McQuade
Amanda McRaven
Jessica McCoy



Costume Crew...

Becca Covert
Shanti Durkee
Lawren Spera
Kathy Stolzenbach
Corey Lloyd
John Gibson
Sharon Shapiro
Cate Andrews
Jane Matthews
Karen, Garnett
& Mark Schuyler


Set Crew...

Walter Lundwall
Louis Schultz
Ray Abbs
Robert Baucom
Rain Krause
Paul Menzer 


We'd also like to thank...

Category 4 Design
Albemarle Baking Company
The Mudhouse
Diggy & Stefan Lessard
Live Arts
Plow & Hearth
Arena Stage
Maggie Moore
Shawn Tidwell
Martha Mendenhall
Will May
Walter Lundwall
Scott Dance
Chris Burke
Ludwig & Beatrix Kuttner
Tim Neal
Treasure Arrington
The Stillmans
Kathryn Rohe
Temple Fennell
Four County Players


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