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Something Wanting

created by the Foolery Ensemble

Performed at Live Arts Charlottesville VA

April 30- May 15, 1998

Sponsored by
Settle Tire Company
& Michelin




Directed by Thadd McQuade

Doreen Bechtol
John Harrell
Jennifer Hoyt
Larry Garretson
Kara McLane
Martha Mendenhall

Stage Management: Arthur Scott

Technical Director-Margaret Moore

Sound and Lights: Thadd McQuade

Costumes: The Ad Hoc Foolery Costume Committee

Set: Catherine Dee and Thadd McQuade

Set Construction-Roger Prine, Leo Arico, Jay Miller, Jay Dempsey

Costume crew -Jenner Brunk, Barbara Myer, John Gibson,
Corey Lloyd

Miss Mendenhall's body padding-Barbara Myer

Wardrobe Mistress-Corey Lloyd

Running Crew-Julie Supa

Prop Construction-James Packard

Light Board Operator-Jay Dempsey

Lighting Crew-Roger Prine, Patrick Reed

Sound Operator-Jude Silveira

Graphic Design-Shanti Durkee

Snow Blind Painting-Asha Greer

Program Design-Lisa Cunningham

Box Office Staff-Gladys Wyse, Kristin Wenger, Charlotte Drummond, Susan Robinson

Special Thanks
Living Education Center for being our rehearsal home for the past two years

Live Arts for being our performance home for the past two years

Kay at Quest Book Store

The Ceiling and Floor Shop



From John Gibson, Live Arts Artistic Director:

"What chortles these fools be" . . . or "Yours, Mime and Hours"

                     (A brief history of our friends, The Fools)

Two and a half years ago Thadd McQuade returned to Charlottesville, seeking (in vain) a return to the glories of his youth and (like every old General) a chance to   refight the battles of yesteryear. He conned John Harrell, Kara McLane and Martha Mendenhall (listed in ascending order of loveliness, with Martha and Kara tied) into joining him. Soon after we noticed him skulking around the courtyard ("Didn't there used to be a dumpster around here?"), we asked him in (Lesson 1) and began keeping a closer watch on small pawnables, shiny objects and the younger ladies of the chorus. These four quickly infiltrated the local food service, education and wine making and distribution industries and then, with spare change and time, set their idle hands to work in that most devilish workshop-REMAKING THE FACE OF THEATRE AS WE KNOW IT. The face of theatre being a hardy and resilient old bird seemed not to mind too much this fresh assault. Soon Thadd was spending considerable time in our tiny office reminiscing loudly about "The Good Old Days" and "All I've Done For This Place" and "Wouldn't It Be Super If There Were A Place Where The Cutting Edge Serious Performance Artist/Clown (but not mimes) Of Tomorrow Could Get A Showing In This Performance Art/Clown Starved Burg." Our words about the differences between a burg and a ville fell on deaf ears until we opened the door a crack (Lesson 2) and in rushed fools (and yes-the angels were afraid).

       And then they begat Cyrano.

       And then they begat The Second Shepherds Play.

       And then they begat The Winemaker.

       And then they begat Cesario.

       Tired from the begatting they retreated to a restful 9 months in the rehearsal hall and now refreshed, relaxed and bolstered by the presence of Larry Garretson, Jennifer Hoyt and Doreen Bechtol (once again ascending order, tied etc.) they emerge before you tonight.

       We couldn't be happier they are here.

-John Gibson

Lyrics to Jovanotti's   "Voglio di Piu'"

As translated by Altavista's Babelfish web translation service

I want more.   It's never enough

I want more.   It's never enough

I want a giant sandwich with within a million things

I want then Madonna for portarmela to bed and mandarle a million roses

I want a full coke swimming pool strains and while swim

I want drink and abbronzarmi

I want to telephone to the president American and to the telephone I want sfogarmi

I want an airplane that I say a ship

I want shuttle a submarine

I want sposarmi with thousand girls and for ognuna I want a child

I want a full mounted cream helmet and me

I want to then put in head and then to eat the mounted cream mangiarla all end how much ne it remains

I want to be lean with muscles in extension

I want dressed of all the designers

I want to win the Oscar and the telegatto one

I want the lion and the prizes nobody never seen

I want to know the why for things

I want two teats like two melons

I want to know the books to memory and the words of thousand songs.  

I want to fly over to the traffic of the center of Milan

I want to richiudere with one toppa hole of ozone

I want the long peace my roads I also want it between my parents

I want to gain all the wars

I want to still feel piu' noises

I want to go to the number one of it classifies of the gunboats

I want to train the national Italian,

I want to be the general of i police officers

I want to know the time tomorrow

I want to know that people think want to know the dark angles of my spirit and my mind

I want I want I want I want the grass

I want I want to know the land extras

I want vederci with the extinguished lights

I want to discover of the bonds masters

I want to abolish the capital punishment in every angle of the universe

I want to always remain in order child and to find again the things that I have lost

I want to speak in all the languages

I want one burlaps with thousand channels

I want the forgiveness of all the sins

I want to speak with the animals

I want to know who has talked nonsense for first

I want to sing piu' intonato of Mine

I want to know first born who e' for the egg or the hen?

I want to pay thousand billions of taxes

I want to discover to a sink of oil in my garden and one water source gasata from the tap of my washbasin

I want that Gorbaciov is made Pope and that my sister finds job

I want pure the longest hats and you smooth down

I want to find a friend and one treasure

I want living all the life

I want more.   It's never enough.

By (Jovanotti-L.Cersosimo-C.Cecchetto)

From Lorenzo 1994

Designed and Programmed by