Photo by Paul Durazzo

Thadd McQuade
(Artistic Director, Founding Member)

Thadd McQuade works lots of places (while living in none of them) as an itinerant teacher of theater and instigator of challenging forms in quest of
simple quality. Recent employers include Mary Baldwin College, Old Dominion University, the American High School Theatre Festival, and Shenandoah Shakespeare.Recent collaborators include Will May (the other half of Flickering Clown), Serious Bother, Allsorted, and, of course, the Foolery family.Thadd’s primary research is into the murk of group collaboration and the mire of physical dramaturgy. Heroes and influences: Anne Bogart, Kama Ginkas, Anne Carson, Mariana Sadowska, Kenneth Koch, Federico Fellini, Tom Waits, Derevo.