Foolery mission and history
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photo by Vienna Wilson

From 1997-2004, the theatre ensemble Foolery explored the possibilities of physical storytelling, combining traditional techniques of clown with modern research concerning the relationship between playmakers and playgoers.

Foolery began in Charlottesville Virginia when Thadd McQuade, Martha Mendenhall, John Harrell and Kara McLane collaborated on a clown adaptation of Cyrano de Bergerac. As Larry Garretson and Jennifer Hoyt joined the ensemble, then Jude Silveira, Maggie Moore and Josie Baucom, the company continued to develop physical and vocal training according to the needs and demands of performance, creating theater that was energetic, engaging, and visually unforgettable.

The mission of Foolery was to maintain a permanent, full time company with a common physical and vocal training in Charlottesville; to generate a body of work that would be tested in repeated performances over time; to research the nature of performance on both the personal and ensemble level; and to transmit their skills and experiences to others through workshops and exchanges.

photo by Will Kerner
Even though the company has disbanded, members continue to create work together and apart, through teaching, exhchanges, and performance. See Fools in action in productions by Performers Exchange Project and The American Shakespeare Center. Go to the personnel page to see what your favorite Fools are up to...

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