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by Pedro Calderon de la Barca

...Played for 4 sold-out weekends May 11-June 2 at our new space in the former Papercraft building.

We are deeply grateful to all who helped make Life's a Dream a huge success.

"This production is like a hologram. If you look at it from one angle, it seems to say one thing.
Tilt a bit and it says something else. "
- Clare Aukofer, Daily Progress

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Josie Baucom...Action Figure Doreen Bechtol...Action Figure Jay Dempsey...Sigismund
Larry Garretson...Basilio John Harrell...Clotaldo Jennifer Hoyt...Astolfo
Gabrielle Maisels...Estrella Kara McLane...Rosaura Thadd McQuade...Clarion
Jude Silveira...Soldier/Courtier/Servant Kathy Stolzenbach...Soldier/Courtier/Servant


Director/Designer...Thadd McQuade
Technical Director/ Designer... Maggie Moore
Producer... Cate Andrews
Assistant Director, Dramaturg... Paul Menzer
Production Stage Manager... Arthur Scott

  Rehearsal Stage Manager ...Adam Lebowitz
Properties ...Shanti Durkee, Arthur Scott
Poster Design/Art Direction ...Catherine Dee
Publicity... Jessica O'Connell
Volunteer Coordinator... Laura Covert
House Manager...Maggie Moore


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