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ran for 20 shows at the
Edinburgh Festival Fringe
Edinburgh, Scotland
Aug 6-22, 2004

a darkly comic, distinctly American ghost story in the
melodramatic tradition about love, war, death, death,
and just when you think everyone on stage has died, more death.

Told in silent vignettes, puppetry, found text from American melodramas,
songs, and dances, Dirtnap is the story of a prisoner clown on death row
who, while escaping, accidentally digs up a dead girl. He brings her back to
life in a HIGHLY INAPPROPRIATE way and resurrects the world she came from,
the American South during the Civil War. On a quest to find her father in
the chaos of battle, the girl encounters hateful flies, a crazy Rebel,
several amputees, and one true love. With the pathos of a Chaplin film and
the mutability and absurdity of a Bugs Bunny cartoon, Dirtnap is haunting, sad, and silly.


From the Herald:
"[Thadd] McQuade and Martha Mendenhall
are accomplished players, with versatile clowning skills. There's a real
degree of invention and visual appeal in their staging - a dangling trio of
zinc buckets house neat surprises while the unexpectedly elastic fabric of a
portable door or a webbing mattress (in a prison cell) allows for cunning
crossovers in time and space."

Audience reviews:

Anna, USA--"visually stunning, elegant and creative.
it seems to be in its infancy...some tinkering could be done to make
it communicate more clearly to the audience what the intention
of the work is. still--an experiment worth seeing, a pleasurable experience!"

Sheila , UK--"A show that was well presented, well danced
and beguiling to watch - but I'm not at all sure what it was about."

to those who have given their time, money, sweat and love:

Ernie Reed and The Living Education Center

Catherine Dee...Graphic Design
Will May...Photography
Jenny McNee...Martha's costume
Zap McConnell...Props & costume
Jennifer Hoyt Tidwell...Publicity
Katherine Birdsall...Choreography
JP Scheidler...Stage combat
Jude Silveira
Cate Andrews
Will Kerner
Larry Garretson

Cate Andrews
Corey Lloyd
John Gibson
Grady Smith
B Stanley
Roger Prine
Kathy Stolzenbach
Jennifer Reut
Betsy and Chip Tucker
Jennifer Horne-Webster
Maggie Bell
Chris Burke
Mark Schuyler


Tom Walters
Kay Bechtel
Chris and Kara Burke
Paul Menzer